Nourish your body with CocoaVia
Client: Mars / CocoaVia
Company: MediaCom

We were approached by CocoaVia to create social content for Facebook and Instagram that would increase brand awareness and drive online purchases.

We had four key messages to convey; what CocoaVia is, why should you take it, how it works, and how to fit it into your daily routine, and two major targets determined our creative direction; healthy agers who want to stay alert and healthy as they grow older, and endurance athletes who care about performance.

My role: Develop the creative strategy and concepts as well direct creative output which included developing animated and static assets, copywriting and managing the partner designer on the project. 
Because spring is better with Claritin
Client: Bayer / Claritin
Company: MediaCom

This canvas ad was part of a larger campaign that connected joyful moments, like cuddling a puppy or smelling a flower, with allergies and how allergy suffers can now experience these moments fully with Claritin.

The canvas ad created an immersive experience that invites users into the story. The user navigates through a home by tilting left and right, swiping up and down. As the user explores, they find all the joyful moments that Claritin can help them be there for. 

My role: Working closely with the Creative Director and Copywriter to ideate on the concept and user flow of the ad, as well as development of creative assets.
Yesss! Linzess
Client: Allergan / Linzess
Company: MediaCom

Many pharmaceutical brands are new to social media and legal regulations for pharmaceutical social content are complex. Whilst these rules and regulations are restricting, it also made us think outside the box and push our creative thinking to explore the boundaries of what we could do.

For Linzess, a prescription medication to relieve IBS, it was important to convey how Linzess is different and the positive solution it can provide in a simple, digestible format. We did this through a series of short, snackable animations that would capture the audiences' attention as they scroll through their social media feeds.

My role: As the art director and lead designer I developed and pitched concepts, managed creative execution and led other designers on the project. 
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