The launch of the desktop and smartphone claiming platforms made claiming easier with automated processing and 24/7 access.
My role: Leading the design I worked closely with multiple teams to develop a solid visual story that succeeded in driving customers to these new platforms. 

Claims app launch 
Educational flyer, promotional material

Internal communications launched first to educate our customer facing employees. A visual guide to the app was desk dropped to staff on the internal launch day. 'Smart phone' chocolate bars came floor stickers were distributed around offices to add excitement and it helped to aid positive change. 
Claims for desktop launch
Educational flyer, poster, DL, email template, digital banners

A flyer was distributed internally with the same intention of educating employees about the platform and the positive affect it will have on our customers. ​​​​​​​
After internal education, the second step was launching to our customers. A range of digital and print pieces were rolled out nationally across all offices, over 50 client sites and 300,000 customers with the main goal of converting customers from manual call centre claiming to online claiming.
The results
Within six month of launch over 65 per cent of customers were using the new platforms.

Both apps had over 22,000 downloads in two months.

The Maxxia desktop portal had over 1.1 million logins in six months.

These results in relieving the burden felt by the call centre who where manually entering and processing claims resulting in a more efficient process flow for the company.
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