International Rescue Committee
Print Design | Icon Design


The IRC were looking to update their volunteer mentorship on-boarding collateral to make it more appealing and digestible for volunteers and create a consist, on-brand look and feel across all their printed material.

My role: After meeting with the IRC and doing a deep dive into their brand guidelines I then developed a number of pieces from fact sheets, forms and checklists, to a long format guidebook.

Here are a few examples from this project.

For the guidebook above, I had to be mindful of its intended production and distribution. As it was going to be both printed professionally and on the average office printer the client wanted large color and images areas to be kept minimal to avoid a heavy color printing load at their local offices. 


I also created a set of icons that were used in some of the printed material. The icons helped to divide text heavy and long bulleted sections where we couldn't use other visuals, like images or illustrations, to make the content more digestible and visually appealing.


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