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Here's a collection of pieces illustrated for various in-house roles, clients, and personal projects. I've also shared some insight into my illustration process. 

To see more of my illustrations, please view my Dribbble profile dribbble.com/carissaclee

The Process
Once I have an idea, I like to sketch it out first, usually starting with a few rough scribbles, ideas on details to include, styling, then I will move on to a more detailed sketch. This is what i will used to create the final vector design. 
Once I am happy with the line drawing I then flesh out the colour palette. I usually have an idea of the colour scheme I would like to use at the sketching stage but I like experiment with it in Illustrator. In this case, I wanted to use colours that were reminiscent of Mexican food; bright and fresh.

I like to illustrate in different styles which makes it easy for me to adapt to existing brand guidelines or even create a personality for a brand or project that hasn't been explored yet. 

Here are a few examples of my past work.
An inspirational quote that Sprinklr wanted to share on their social channels.
In reaction to an interview with the Denny's CMO regarding their branding efforts.

I'm also proud to say that a few of my designs have been accepted by Cotton Bureau, a crowdfunding platform showcasing illustrated apparel, and are now available to buy.

So far I have sold over 300 shirts and the numbers climb every day! 

Thanks to all of the supporters, whoever and wherever you are :).
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