The roll-out of an company-wide cultural change project throughout Australia, New Zealand and UK offices aimed to help employees smoothly transition into this new cultural shift with ease and embrace. 
My Role: My creative concept launched the project and became the binding thread that all employees could identify. I then went on to manage the design and execution.

We had a new company wide ‘Why’ – a reason and purpose for being, a mantra that we can look to, to guide our work lives. The slogan for our new why was “Driving What’s Possible”
For “Driving What’s Possible” to succeed we needed buy-in from employees. We wanted them to relate to it, believe in it and become ambassadors of it.
I am the Why. The Driving What's Possible hero 
Born from the need for our people to take ownership of "Driving What's Possible" in their own world by becoming the hero in this journey.

We did this by developing the idea of the everyday Driving What’s Possible hero. Everyone is an everyday hero – they are heroes to their customers, team members and the company. They are key to bringing 'Driving What's Possible' to life by making this cultural change relatable and personable.

Phase One: Creating intrigue
Through a series of simple and ambiguous posters and office desk drops we proposed a number of questions, triggering employees to start thinking of what the Why is and who it could be. 


Phase Two: The reveal
A company wide announcement revealed the new cultural shift.  

The poster below was released post announcement answering the 'Why' with aim to show that everyone was part of the answer.


Phase Three: Awareness and engagement
We now needed to create a deeper connection with individuals and teams for them to completely embrace this new culture.

The everyday workplace hero - the embodiment of Driving What's Possible.

We featured real employees through a range of media - posters, emails, internal magazine, intranet - to bring the new values to life. Relatable content was how we aimed to connect and align employees with this new company culture. 

These insights into how everyday heroes "Drive What's Possible" in their own roles triggered other employees to see the hero in their story. They're proud, confident and happy - the demeanor of a hero. This is how we wanted everyone to feel when they embody their own why.


Phase Four: Ongoing engagement
An internal social app was launched to further engage staff in the new values.

Life size hero cutouts were used for company wide competition launched on the app that aimed to increase user activity and ongoing staff interaction. They added a fun and physical engagement element to the campaign and considerably increased new users on the internal app with an uptake of 25% within the first month. 

Below is some insights into the hero cut out process.
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