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Hi, I’m Carissa!

I'm an Aussie art director and illustrator, currently based in New York and Miami.
In my 9+ years of experience I have collaborated with clients in the retail, entertainment and technology spaces. 
My practice traditionally lies at the crossroads of brand and marketing, where I've executed creative and strategy for 360 marketing campaigns and built brand identities.
As an illustrator, I focus mostly on branding and pattern design, having the opportunity to create all-over apparel prints for the likes of Toy Story, Elf and Jurassic Park.
I love the art of visual storytelling, whether that be through brand and marketing design or pattern making.
Personal qualities
Perfectionist and detail oriented I strive for the highest quality and always aim for balance between brand integrity, visual impact and functionality. 
I'm self motivated, being known for my 'never say never' attitude, and am a strong believer in collaboration.

A little background
As a kid I was an avid doodler and a maker of things.  I had a portable drawing kit that I took everywhere and a giant craft box that held everything  a kid would need to make a great birthday card. 
I lived for my local yearly colouring competition; using glitter, ribbons, fluffy balls and obsessing over colouring in the lines so it looked just perfect.
I guess not much has changed since then. I still doodle and I'm still a maker, but the best thing is that I have been able to turn my passion for creating into a rewarding career

Other things I enjoy
🗺️ Traveling  - I make sure I have a magnet from everywhere I’ve been. 
✏️ Drawing - I'm at my happiest in Procreate
🔍 Making miniatures - I recently finished a garden greenhouse model!
📷 Photography -  You can check out some of my shots here or on Unsplash

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