Personal Branding Project

Exploring type in its simplest form of shapes and lines to create my personal brand

This was an experimental personal branding process where I wanted to develop a typographical brand that merged simplicity with illustrative playfulness. 
If you look at type in it’s simplest form it is a culmination of shapes and lines all coming together to make a letter. I wanted to break down the letters of my name into their most simplest version then build them back up aesthetically using basic shapes and lines.
Letter experimentation and development 
Breaking down each letter into simple shapes and lines I experimented with different ways to represent each character.
Type reasonings 
The letter 'R' was one of the hardest characters to redefine in a simple form and I went through a number of options before settling on the one above. It was difficult to make sure that the 'R' looked balanced when put with other letters. I found that any version with a rounded shape appeared too heavy against the rest of the letters but this line version above had the right weight and spacial balance that I was looking for.
I also experimented with the application of the double 'S', the most abstract of all the letters. I preferred the joined option over two single letters because it achieved a more simplified look and feel. Turning the 'S' onto its side implies that this shape is a double letter and works perfectly with the other letters. 
I created a series of patterns by randomising the letters, taking them out of the context of type and bringing them back to their most simple form of shapes and lines. 
I then used this pattern on a range of branding pieces
In the future 
I am hoping to develop more letters and create typeface based on this branding.
But that’s for another project.

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